Tip #1 Q&A: What happens with my previously built garden of 48x48 studs in a baseplate? May I put it within a MILS diorama?

There is no problem, the MILS rules are compatible with non MILS elements. You don`t have to transform your garden in a MILS module. If you go to TTM (within TTU elements) section, you can see that you have to build some transitional elements to put around your garden, in the sides you want to connect to a MILS display. Those elements will be adjacent to the MILS modules and you 48x48 baseplate. Furthermore, if you want your baseplate to have the same height of the MILS modules is very simple, you can put some bricks (with 3 plates plus a tile height) and placed your baseplate over them. Both, your baseplate and the adjacent MILS modules will stay at the same height.



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